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Custom plaster casted orthotics

Custom made orthotics are medical devices that are worn inside your shoes. They are designed to accommodate painful areas of the foot and control abnormal alignment and function of the lower leg and other areas of the body.


Treatment with custom casted orthotics can drastically decrease painful foot conditions as well as knee, hip and back pain. They can also prevent joint misalignment, relieve stress on related muscles, ligaments and tendons, and enhance overall foot function.  


While there are many 'custom' foot orthotics offered on the market, plaster casted is the industry standard. Plaster is molded over your foot to create a cast while it is in a neutral non-weight bearing position and adjusted by a skilled chiropodist. We use the best laboratories, not the cheapest, to deliver the best quality orthotics available and we stand by our product. 

Taking the time and effort to do things right is what we pride ourselves in.

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